3 Accessories I can't live without!

3 Accessories I can’t live without

Waist belt

I love a waist belt! I don’t think there is many days a week that I don’t wear one!

They work well with my body shape because it cinches me in and highlights my waist. They really can be the finishing touches on an outfit.

Ive worn them over a shapeless coat, Ive worn them with oversized jumpers and even with long 1980s vintage shirts.

Belts are so much more than just a tool to hold your trousers up! They can add great detail to an outfit, especially those with an hourglass shape. Ideally, you should learn your body shape and what belts to choose and which belts to avoid!

Faux shirt collar

These are my FAVOURITE! I love them and they are fab!

Over the years I have had them in many colours, with different embellishments and I wear them all the time, with lot of different outfits.

Infact, I rarely like to wear round necks or V-necks (Bar t-shirts) without one!

I wear them with day dresses, evening dresses, jumpers and certain tops.

They are super cute and cheap. To add a bit of extra detail you can add a necklace, you can get collar ones that just sit nicely underneath.

Small Rucksack/Backpack

Now I am obsessed with a good, compact rucksack. I find if I have a larger bag, I always tend to fill it with more ‘stuff’ and then it gets heavy on my back!

Personally, I now prefer a smaller bag that’s fits in all of my essentials with a little bit of room spare for anything else.

It’s a great hands free option with no annoying bag bashing on my leg or hip!

Make sure to empty your bag often too! Because if you are anything like me, it builds up and then you can’t find anything in the shop and everything falls out!

What are the 3 accessories you can’t live without? Maybe you don't know where to start.

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