8 Easy Activities That Build Your Self-Confidence

Life becomes so much easier when you're loaded with the tools for self-confidence. As soon as self-doubt enters your mind, your ability to act is deeply compromised and a journey to downward spiral is possible. You may see your self-confidence seems to rise and fall randomly, but there are steps you can take to increase the confidence levels you experience on a regular basis.

You can enhance your self-confidence and accomplish more with these simple techniques:

1. Achieve a goal. Any goal. Start small. Your goal might be to arrive on time every day this week or to drink more water each day.

Easy goals are easy to accomplish. When you accomplish something, you feel more confident, when you feel more confident, you act accordingly…See where I am going with this…

To start, choose easy goals that will make a difference to your life. When you start to achieve your small goals, your level of confidence will also rise.

2. Make a list of all your successes. We very often find that our failures are really easy to list, but when it comes to our successes, it require a little more thought.

Make a list of your successes and review them every day. Remind yourself how great you felt in those very moments.

3. Groom yourself to a higher standard. For example:

Get a fresh haircut.

Learn how to apply your makeup more effectively.

Trim your beard in a different way.

Trim those stray ear and nose hairs.

Spend a little more time and attention on your grooming each morning and make it part of your routine. You'll be surprised how much better you feel.

4. Be assertive. Speak up for yourself in a way that is honest and respectful. Every day, we're in situations where being assertive can help us — like asking someone on a date, or doing well in an interview.

Having control over your life, results in greater self-confidence. One of the quickest ways to increase the level of influence you have over your life, is to be more assertive.

Give yourself some small tasks to achieve, that require assertiveness. A few examples you might consider:

· Aim for open and honest communication – Remember to respect other people when you are sharing your feelings, wants, needs, beliefs and opinions.

· Agree to disagree – Having a different point of view doesn’t mean that you are right and the other person is wrong.


· Make one suggestion to your significant other that would enhance your relationship.


5. Make an effort with your outfit. We all feel more confident when we're dressed well. So up your game and get out the "nice clothes" in your wardrobe and make them work for you! Think of a friend or celebrity that dresses well. Use this for inspiration while remembering to add your twist, maintaining your own style.

6. Practice. Practice brings confidence. For example; you’ll be much more confident if you practice your speech ten times instead of five. Whether you are practicing your flirting skills or your ability give presentations, your confidence will increase with practice.

7. Drop one thing from your life that you don’t enjoy. It’s very likely that you're currently stuck with a commitment in your life that you don't enjoy. While there are some things in life you have to do, there are just as many that you don't need to do. Take control and drop one of these non-essential activities that you prefer not to do anyway. It’ll instantly make you feel in more control and also frees up your time.

8. Find a mentor. Investing in the right mentor can make all the difference to your life and your confidence. Knowing that you have an expert on your side, helping you with exactly what you need help with and one you click with, is going to boost your confidence. A good mentor will provide the support and guidance and equip you with the necessary tools to reach your goals. A good mentor is well worth the effort to find and work with.

Some of us are blessed with a high level of self-confidence while others must learn to cultivate it. Focus on your successes, be more assertive, and find a mentor. Spend time each day growing your self-confidence and you will experience real personal growth.

For help with discovering your own style, get in touch and we can book in a free mini-session to see how I can assist you in discovering and developing your own authentic style.

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