Belief, Opinion and Expectation

Belief, Opinion and Expectation

None of us can predict the future, but we can choose the paths that we take

One burning question that I need to ask is…

‘What is the deal with people expecting you to do what everybody else does?’

That’s basically sheep mentality. We are all individuals who should have our own individual perceptions and ways to do things.

If you’ve noticed you’re always following the crowd, following the same trends, making the same decisions, wearing the same thing everyone else is wearing - I have 5 tips for you:

Stop being on Auto-Pilot – Take time to consider your options, don’t look around at others and copy what you see

Make a conscious effort to form your own opinion – Forget ‘I'll have what she’s having’ or ‘I don’t mind’ as an answer. Instead educate yourself about your choices so you can make a well informed decision

Take time to make decisions – Under pressure or in a hurry, people are more likely to copy others. Beat this by asking as many questions as you need. You do not look stupid for making informed decisions

Be aware of ways in which stress affects your decision making – Whenever you are stressed, put off decision making until you can concentrate on the task at hand. Otherwise you’ll find yourself making the wrong choice

Be willing to stand out – Successful people don’t make it to the front of the pack by sticking with the crowd. Instead they stand out and dare to do things differently. Never allow anyone else to tell you what you should think, feel or do. Be conscious of how other people are likely to influence our choices

There is always more than one path to take. One path will be more travelled and another path, less so.

You go through life with a belief, thinking people will be excited for you when you choose to do something different.

But in reality…

You’re a loser or you’re strange, when you decide to wonder off the mainstream path and go your own way.

But then suddenly you’re successful when that very same route you took, that they laughed at, actually led you to make something of yourself.

It's money that talks so, so, so loudly these days and it's terribly distracting.

Some people want you to be quiet. Some people don’t want you to speak your opinion or your truth.

We all, always have something to say about everything.

It’s called ‘Opinion’.

Why is it that some people are more stuck on their opinions than others? Why do they feel like they have to push it on you?

They've got life no further figured out than anyone else.

We all think that we are going to cross the finish line in first place and it's amazing how most of us aren't even in the driver’s seat to start with!

Nobody likes different, until different becomes good.

What about being happy for other people and what they are doing with their lives?

Money even talks at a time like this. Who said money couldn't buy happiness? Tell that to someone who is hungry. Is happiness having a full stomach?

And as for ‘Riches’.

It's Human Nature:

We exploit everything, until we either fall, or realise that it doesn't matter how much we have, that it will never be enough.

And what about ‘Expectation’?

Is expectation the reason why our minds are full to the brim of what other people want from us?

Why do we always measure ourselves against the success and failure of others?

What do you think we would look like, or how do you think we would live our lives, if we were completely alone with no expectations from anyone?

Would you wear makeup? Would hairspray have been invented? What about nail polish? Would people know who Louis Vuitton is? Or Alexander McQueen?

Expectations can get the better of us when we expect more than what is realistic in a situation.

For example we might expect our partners to live up to what we’ve seen in romantic films, or our lives to match up with those ‘perfect’ ones that we see on social media.

Our expectations can create significant stress when they don’t match up to our reality.

Our expectations for our own lives may be unrealistic and skewed based on what we think others have. Our perspective on what others have is limited, and generally, they do not lead the lives we perceive them too.

To help prevent future disappointment, try to think if it was realistic to expect what you were hoping for.

Love and Light

Claire :)

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