Style Coaching™️ Introduction

Updated: May 17, 2020

I am so excited that you are here and ready to start your journey to becoming the most authentic version of yourself.

You may be wondering what the difference is, between seeing a personal stylist/Shopper/Image consultant and a style coach.

Let me explain…

A stylist, personal shopper, image consultant and colour analyst will help you style your outer image and help you look great on the outside.

A style coach also helps with the outer image, the clothing you wear, the colours and patterns that suit your skin tone and body shape. A style coach also helps with the inner image, the way you perceive yourself and your confidence levels and how you live your life.

Anyone can have an external makeover, however, very often people revert back to their old ways, because nothing has changed on the inside. Their views on themselves have remained the same. A style coach will help you define where you are currently at and get a clear idea of where you want to get too. They will help you set goals to reach your end target, for example, help with makeup referrals, dentist appointments or anything else you need to organise your life and learn to be your true authentic self.

A style coach will teach you how to love every part of yourself, from the inside out and this can have a massive impact on the rest of your life.

I am very aware of the impact fast fashion is having on our planet, so for this reason, where possible, this will be tied in with helping to save the planet from becoming a dried up ocean of clothing.

Love, peace and light

Claire xxx

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