How to keep yourself motivated when nothing is happening...

Motivation can be difficult to hold onto when you’re not seeing the results you’ve been hoping for. Whatever the situation. The ability to motivate yourself, or to ‘crack on’ when you are struggling with lack of motivation, is a valuable skill.

Consistent motivation is usually in short supply and difficult to maintain, so if you can learn how to manage yourself through those tricky situations, when you’re not feeling motivated and you’re not seeing a solution, you will have a much, much better chance of success.

The worst thing you can do when you’re lacking motivation, is doing nothing. It is a bad habit that can have significant negative consequences. There are better ways of dealing with a lack of motivation.

Try using these tips to help you carry on even when you’re not seeing results:

1. Practice patience. No one wants to be told to be patient. We’ve been hearing those words since before we could even understand them. However, it’s still good advice because;

● Sometimes things take longer than we like or longer than we think they should.

● Sometimes the results show up suddenly and unexpectedly after a really long period of time.

For example, you can whack a boulder with a hammer thousands of times, and it appears that nothing is happening. All of a sudden, the boulder splits in half.

2. Keep the final result fresh in your mind. When your motivation is starting to dwindle, you need to remember how you’ll feel when you’ve finally achieved your goal.

Visualize being successful. Put yourself back in that moment when you first achieve that goal and notice how good it feels. What sounds do you hear? What can you smell? It’s really good to recreate those feelings with those memories and feel how good it felt to succeed!

3. Set a schedule and stick to it. This is one I feel is really useful for me when I’m lacking in motivation. When your motivation starts to flag, it’s common to start feeling and acting lazy. One way to combat this is to create a daily plan for yourself and really stick to it. The less motivated you are, the more structure you will need.

Giving up is the perfect way to ensure that you’re not successful!

It’s difficult to fail in the long term if you continue trying. You’ll overcome obstacles and eventually, you’ll achieve your goals. However, it’s critical that you don’t quit.

4. Use your mistakes and failures to gain mastery. Mistakes and failures happen a lot more than we like, but they are part of the process. You make mistakes and you can learn from them. Making the most out of these negative results and mistakes, makes a huge difference.

If you can take on the belief, that failures are common and can ultimately help you to master your craft, it is easier to stay motivated.

So, even if you’re failing, things are always happening in your favour. You just need to look out for them.

5. Be grateful. Remember that everything is okay. Practicing gratitude each day is a great reminder that your life isn’t as bad as you thought. By reminding yourself of the things you are thankful for, you’ll hang in there longer and keep trying on a regular basis.

6. Take a break. This can be a short or a long break. Whatever you feel is necessary. Just remember that it can be difficult to get back on track after a long break. Long breaks can have a way of turning into permanent breaks. Taking several shorter breaks, may be better for you in the long run.

Maybe it’s time to take a long weekend and get out of town. Maybe you just need to take a night off and have a beer and some chicken wings and watch a film.

7. Remember your past successes. Your past successes can reignite your enthusiasm. Reminding yourself that you’ve been successful in the past can renew your hope that you’ll also be successful now. It’s a great way to improve your mood, too.

Motivation is nice while it lasts, but if you’re going to be super successful, you must learn to keep working even without motivation.

You can also create and recover motivation. Remember how great it’s going to be when you succeed in achieving your goal. Take breaks as you need them.

Remember to be patient and appreciate that good things can take time to happen!

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