How to style accessories

Accessories are in important part of any outfit. They are that extra bit of oomph and detail needed for the perfectly finished look!

When you are on the hunt for accessories, you want to look for items that enhance your outfits and it for the occasion. You may want them to add a dash of femininity or a splash of colour.

Accessories add visual interest and can provide a focal point. They can very delicate and subtle or they can be loud and dominant.

You want to choose accessories that show your individuality and are an expression of your personality.

They can liven up the plainest of outfits and add style and individuality like nothing else! And they don’t have to be expensive, you can start to build up an interesting collection without a huge investment. Charity shops are ideal for these! Whenever you see something that you love and reflects you and your personality, go ahead and treat yourself!

I would highly recommend that you try and be adventurous with your accessories. It’s a hint to who you are as a person.

You want to look in the mirror and see if you can spot any spaces or areas that look plain and would benefit from a little more detail.

For example: A collar neckline may appear a little more interesting with collar necklace or adding a studded waist belt will draw attention to your waist and finish off an outfit.

Accessories to consider:

Shoes – There’s a shoe for every occasion

Bags – from Classic to Whimsical, Clutches to duffels, backpacks and beach bags!

Necklaces – Come in all forms, shapes, colour and sizes

Belts – try and choose belts with good detail. Plain belts are exactly that, plain!


Headwear and hats


Glasses and sunglasses – my attitude is if you’ve got to wear glasses, you may as well make them a statement piece!

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