I dare you to be Original…

It's not easy to be yourself. At home, you can relax, but once you go out that door, it's a whole other matter. You may feel the need to behave and dress a certain way. You're less open with your thoughts and opinions, especially when dealing with strangers. It's not easy to be original or authentic.

Throughout your school years, there's an immense pressure to fit in and have the same things as everyone else, go to the same places as everyone else and wear the same thing as everyone else. You see, in school, that’s all we wanted, to be like everyone else. Those that are ‘original’ are just a feeding ground for bullies in the educational system.

But as an adult, there is so much positivity and happiness and success to be gained if you dare to be original.

Secretly or not so secretly, we all admire those who are brave enough to be themselves. Many of the most creative people are the most highly valued. You don't get to become a CEO, or successful actor, musician, or artist without having the courage to be yourself.

There are many benefits to being original, both professionally and socially!

If you want to feel better about yourself and enhance your life by daring to be original; check out these 7 steps:

1. Rely on your instincts and intuition.

Two of the main components of living authentically are your instincts and your intuition. They are yours and yours alone. Both are based upon your unique experiences and view of the world. Anytime you learn something new, you're affected. That knowledge influences your perspective.

Start small and rely on your intuition to make small decisions for you. Try going for a drive and allow your intuition to guide you. Take the turns in the road that just "feel" right to you.

You should learn to trust your intuition when you lack sufficient information. Maybe you are someone who always goes against your first instinct and then pretty soon regret that you didn’t listen to yourself in the first place.

2. Change your clothing.

Do you honestly dress the way you like to dress? or do you prefer to dress to fit in or to impress others?

This isn't a suggestion to wear a leather miniskirt or a purple and green striped suit to your bank job, but outside of work, you're largely free to do as you please. Dress to impress yourself.

A little fun tip I have for myself when I go preloved clothes shopping, if someone I’m with says it’s hideous, I see that as a challenge and it means I have to have it! J

You could also more flexible with your hairstyles or facial hair. Or you could wear your makeup in a different way, add a pop of colour. You could even team up a pretty embellished broach on your favourite jacket. Try and change the way you wear something for just 1 day! Maybe you’ll decide you like it ;)

3. Share your opinions openly.

If you are someone who often finds themselves in situations where opinions are wanted and asked for, but you just can’t seem to use your voice. This is your change to try and change that. Use your voice, speak your truth. Your opinion is just as important as everyone else.

There's no reason to be rude and call out your office buddy on her new shoes that reminds you of the past times you went bowling. However, you can freely share your opinions on less personal things. Be open regarding your taste in movies, music, food, and other similar topics. Allow others to see the real you.

Not necessary asking you to tell your entire life story, but enough to let others see another glimpse into who you are as a person!

4. Be kind to those that are brave enough to be original, too.

If you're critical and judgemental of others, you'll live in fear of receiving the same treatment back. This will halt your freedom to be yourself. Your neighbour with the green hair, eight cats, and smells like potpourri? Be accepting.

I really love and admire authentic people, they intrigue me. We are all human and we all deserve happiness. Even if it means wearing a polka dot dress, walking the dog with a massive sunbrella!

Who really cares? Why should it even matter?

5. Be willing to make mistakes.

When you make mistakes, you grow. When you grow, you succeed. Leaders make mistakes and they learn and grow from then. Make decisions as wisely as possible, but make them and do your best. If you're afraid of making mistakes, or saying the wrong opinion, you will always be hiding away or living to someone else’s standards and you'll never live a truly authentic lifestyle.

6. You have nothing to lose. The late Steve Jobs stated, "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."

In 100+ years, there will no one left on Earth that ever saw you or spoke to you in the flesh. There's no reason, not to be yourself and enjoy the time you have.

7. Spend more time or engage with your best friends. Part of the reason you like those people so much is your ability to you be yourself around them. It's refreshing, and you feel better about yourself. So, why not spend more time with them? You might develop the habit of being yourself.

Isn't it time be your true self? You've been living as a shadow of yourself for too long. Realize that life is short and being anything other than your true self is being less than you can be. Be brave and show the world who you really are!

I am here for you. And I am proud of you.

Be you, unapologetically.

Love, light and Magic

Claire :)

PS, I can help you discover an authentic life that's true to you - Reach out to me and we can book in your free mini-session to see how Style Coaching™️ can help you transform your life.




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