S/S 21 Trend - Fringed Bags

Everyone loves bags right? They are super practical and are essential to carry your personal belongings around.

When I am working with a client, I always recommend for them to choose a bag that adds a bit of fun and reflects their personality.

They are a great way to experiment with your outfits and add those little extra details that can make an outfit so special.

There are all different types of bags; Handbags, Clutch bags, Rucksacks, Satchels.. the list goes on...

But this season, bag's all about FRINGING! (And yellow.. but that's for another day!)

I have selected some of my favourite fringed bags from the current season and online. I found that Etsy have some really unique handmade bags and it's definitely worth a browse.

Each link is shoppable and takes you directly to the website where you can purchase your item.

Happy Shopping :)

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