Start your day with gratitude

I start my day with gratitude.

You should too!

The very first thing I used to do in the morning, was make a coffee and sit on the sofa until the caffeine kicked in! Then I’d often spend the next few hours staring into space, not achieving anything. And then when I finally did move, I had so much to do, left from previous days of procrastinating. But I had no plan! No long term goal to work towards an, no mini goals meaning no baby steps taken, therefore I didn’t achieve a thing!

My self-sabotaging thoughts were halting me from taking any steps at all!

Day after day, I felt like all I was doing was trying, but I didn’t get anywhere. Nothing changed and nothing got done. I felt deflated and like I wanted to give up all over again.

Things needed to change. So I invested into some help to better myself, my thinking and my progress.

The very first thing I do in the morning now, even before my coffee, Shock horror, is grab my pen and notebook and brain dump absolutely anything and everything that is whizzing around my brain, goes down on paper.

By doing this thought download, it clears the space in my head, needed to prepare myself for the day.

I find meditating is much easier for me after I have written down my thoughts.

I journal my gratitude every morning and I wake up feeling thankful for the things I have in my life.

Being grateful makes me happier. I find that I experience more joy and my relationships grow stronger and closer. It helps me reduce my stress levels and boosts my confidence.

i appreciate my body and my mind and all that it has been through and done for me and continues to do for me.

Making room to think and removing all the unnecessary, self-sabotaging thoughts, enables me to work towards my goals and enjoy my favourite activities.

I aim to be mindful. So I notice the taste and texture of my food. I’m amazed at the beauty and power of nature. I notice the leaves on the plants, I notice the texture on the bark of trees, I smell the fresh air and feel the wind on my face.

I keep a gratitude journal and I remind myself of my positives to avoid taking them for granted.

I tell others about the positive difference they make in my life.

I make peace with my past AND I stay alert to the opportunities that surround me now.

Today, I cultivate gratitude. I am thankful for my life and the company that I enjoy.

Ask yourself these questions for Self-Reflection:

1. Why is it important to express gratitude in my actions as well as my words?

2. What would my life be like without my family and friends?

P.S… If you’d like to find out how you can learn to show your gratitude, discover your authentic self and start your transformation, let’s chat!

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