Tend to your own Happiness

Tend To Your Own Happiness Many of us are always striving for more happiness to come into our lives. We want to lead a happier, more fulfilling life. But the harsh truth is, that so many of us actually spend much more time tending the happiness of other people, than we tend to our own happiness. Tending to your happiness does not need to be difficult, complex, or time-consuming. It can be as simple as this four-step formula:

1. Trash your unhappy thoughts and trends 2. Envision yourself happy 3. Needs fulfilled 4. Desires fulfilled

Making yourself a happier person really can be that simple.

Step one is an important one because unhappiness is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many people are unhappy because they don't believe they deserve to be happy and they lock themselves into patterns of behaviour that make them unhappy. You must trash your unhappy thoughts and trends. Look inside yourself and find out what things make you unhappy. Is there a specific time of day that you tend to be unhappy? Is there a specific task or routine that seems to feed your unhappiness? Is there anything that you do or think about that contributes to your own unhappiness? Once you identify the areas of your life that cause you to be unhappy, you can find ways to confront it and combat it. Sometimes it is possible that you can make a change to avoid the trouble spot altogether, but when that's not possible, you need to find ways to make it less difficult on yourself. You may need to adjust your schedule or your expectations if that will make things better. Recruit help when you can. Just easing off one task or freeing up a few hours can make a huge difference in your attitude. When all else fails and you can't change or share something unpleasant than don't hesitate to give yourself a reward for accomplishing it. Knowing you will be rewarded can sometimes make difficult tasks seem more appetizing

Step two is key. Some people have been unhappy for so long they have forgotten what happiness looks like and feels like. Envisioning yourself happy can help create the happiness habit. Thinking about your own happiness will also help counterbalance times when you are unhappy or working through unpleasant tasks. Think about difficult times as the stepping stones to happy times.

Step three cannot be overlooked. If your basic needs for food and sleep are not met then you will not be able to focus on happiness. Obviously it is not impossible for hungry, sleep-deprived people to be happy, but most humans are a lot less likely to be happy in that state. Food and sleep provide fuel for both the body and the mind and the healthier your body and mind then the better chance you have to achieve happiness.

Step four is the final step to achieving happiness. What do you desire? What do you wish for? What do you dream about? Allow yourself to dream big but don't overlook small wishes and desires. While a two-week cruise might be great just having a weekend at a local resort might really give the rest, relaxation and escape you might need. Or perhaps you'd really like to lose 30 or 50 pounds but finding a way to work in some exercise a few times a week might give you more immediate gratification while eventually accomplishing your long-term goal.

Make a list of your desires, wishes, and dreams -- big and small -- and keep that list some place handy. What can you do this week to achieve a small goal? What can you do this month to take a step towards a bigger goal? Sometimes you don't even need to accomplish your goals to achieve happiness. Sometimes it is enough to know that you are working toward your dreams. Often happiness is found on the path to our dreams. Often happiness is created while we strive to make our wishes come true.

You can make yourself a happier person but you must tend to your happiness. So often we spend more time tending to our outer possessions than we do tending to our inner ones. You can make a few changes to your life to find a better balance and that will help create more personal happiness for you.

How can you tend to your own happiness today? :)

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