Most of us have aspects of ourselves that we wish we could change. But how often do we really look inside of ourselves to find the cause of the problem?

You have to take action on the issues that need to be changed. If you don’t take action, you will be stuck in the cycle of wanting and trying to change, but you won't make much progress.

Denying that there is something holding you back, does not make it disappear or magically turn you into who you want to be. You can't change what you don't accept. So if you have problems accepting what you need to change, you're going to have more obstacles in the way of making that change. Say for example, If you want an abundance of money in your life but are having problems achieving that, you need to dig deeper to find something you may have missed about yourself. Do you have any self -limiting beliefs about money that would prevent you from attracting more of it? If you do, you need to start challenging them. Ask yourself why? Who said I can’t? Until those beliefs are addressed and accepted you won't be able to attract the extra money into your life. Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are what shape our reality. If you want more money in your life, but your beliefs about money are negative and don't match what you’re thinking, it's going to be very difficult to attract it into your life. If you start to believe that money is heading your way and that you deserve an abundance of money and even vividly visualise and plan, how you would spend that money, it should begin to flow into your life. There may be times when money will show up for you, but it won't be the steady flow that you wanted. Not until you accept that you have limiting beliefs about money and challenge them. Or maybe you are looking to find your soul mate. But the people who keep showing up in your life, aren’t quite right for you and you're starting to wonder if you will ever meet Mr. or Miss. Right. They are out there somewhere, but you may have beliefs about yourself that might be holding you back from attracting your perfect partner. Again, you need to dig down deep and look around for any fears you might have about yourself and relationships. Until then, keep visualising and truly believe that the perfect relationship will come at the perfect time for you. Remember that the answer always lies within. Resisting and denying aspects of yourself won't get you to where you want to be in life. Only by challenging your beliefs and accepting them to no longer being true, you can make a change in a positive direction. 🌎❤️ xxx

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