Where are my eyebrows?

Let's talk eyebrows …or lack of them...!

Eyebrows frame the face, so having neatly groomed eyebrows can really change your overall image.

Now I’m not a beautician or MUA, but i do have some experience in the sparse eyebrow!

Like mine! Very sadly, I was young when the thin eyebrow trend came in, and being young and knowing absolutely everything, I over plucked.

My mum even told me they wouldn’t grow back! But di

d I listen? Of course I didn’t!

So now I am left with very sparse and thin eyebrows, which I do not feel frame my face well at all!

Moral of the story: Listen to your parents! Ha!

My eyebrows didn’t really bother me in my teens, but as soon as the fuller brow became on trend, they really started to bother me!

I have never visited a technician to get them sorted as (naively) I didn’t think they'd be able to do anything! (I now know this not true!)

So I decided to go down the DIY route and try some products out.

I tried eyebrow pencils - I couldn’t get them to look anything like an eyebrow, wonky, uneven and clearly pencilled on.

I tried eyebrow powder and stencils - That seemed to work okay in the mirror, the shape was there and it looked like a fuller brow (So I thought at the time!)

So I used powder and stencils for years and years! I hated it and I hated my eyebrows but they were the best I’d ever got them!

I found the powder/stencil worked well until the hours in the days passed and they started to rub off and fade and even smudge half of my face!

By this point, I’m like OKAY, I’ll splurge out on the new Wonderbrow that everyone is obsessing about.

I bought 2. The fibre filler and the liquid.

When I tested this, I loved how it looked on the skin and can see why so many people where bragging about it.

However, I can't draw!! I can’t create a shape and I certainly can’t make it look like little hairs.

Anddd could I get it to work with a stencil… not a chance. It bled right under the stencil.

I have to add in here again, I’m not a beautician or MUA, just a clueless someone simply trying to get some eyebrows on my face.

At this point I’m completely at a loss. What can I do!?

So I go back to the powder/stencil combo and I stick with it for years.

After finally getting fed up with stencils and powder, I decided to

look into other options, tattooed brows (I didn’t like how they faded to blue/green).

I also looked into micro blading and I think the results are beautiful! However it was fairly new and to be quite honest, I didn’t want to spend the money on it!

So getting to the point now... I was searching on eBay for some new powder/stencils when I came across this little beauty by Maybelline.

It’s called 'Maybelline Eyebrow Precise Mascara Fibre Filler’. I chose shade 'soft brown'

When it arrived I was so excited but also very dubious from my previous experiences.

I started with brushing my brows up with a little brush, and then started to stroke the mascara filler brush along my hairs.

Instantly they started to look darker and fuller.

Already at this point, I’m like WOW!

Now for the tricky part ive never been able to do…Drawing the shape line.

I took a thin, angled brush and gently created the shape of both brows and then I went back in and filled the gaps with more of the fibre mascara.

I could have cried! I had eyebrows! And ones that hadn’t been stencilled on. They looked like eyebrows, they had hair, clearly defined eyebrow hair!

WOW! What even is this? However did I live before, without this MAGIC!

I've since thrown the broken stencil in the bin, never to be used again!

They aren’t perfect, I’ve got a long way to go, I'm still learning, but its progress to me!

Do not give up! There is always a solution to your challenges.

If you can’t find the solution yourself, you can always seek help from people who do.

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