Yin -Yang You

Yin-Yang You

Recently, considering the current situation, life has been quite busy and alive. In other ways, it’s been quite settled.

I find that I write best when chaos stirs in my heart, the words just seem to flow out easier.

This week has been busy and full of activity, so much so, that I haven't had any time for reflection. But when I have, my mood and thoughts have been positive and clear.

Winter is on it's way and with it comes the never-ending rain. And I do love the rain. It’s refreshing and grounding to me.

Maybe the dark-side will bring us some new light. And I suppose some of you might be wondering what I mean by that…

The dark side, we all have one.

Think about it, all those things we don't like about ourselves. Bad habits, bad behaviours and attitudes we've been told, are not nice! Our dark side is made up of many things.

Too often we suppress it, like it’s not meant to be recognised or embraced.

Rather than admit it is there and that it really does exist, we would prefer to say that we don't suffer from any of these afflictions and suppress the negative aspect.

Here's the contradictory truth: What you deny owns you, what you accept gives you back your power. Deny it and what you resist will persist. The irony is that our ‘whole’ consists of both dark and light.

We have night and day, hot and cold, good and evil, love and hate and every single duality that exists under the sun. All of these opposites are there to serve a purpose. And by gaining knowledge about this, you have the opportunity to integrate your yin and yang, dark and light, and experience the fullness, the wholeness of who you are! You will thank yourself!!

Being yourself is such an empowering experience. When I've worked with clients, I am often astonished at the trap of self-consciousness and anxiety that we all create for ourselves.

I've been there myself and it has absolutely kept some of the best experiences in my life from happening.

You might be sitting there and asking "Well, if it didn't happen, how do you know it's going to be one of the best experiences?" And that is a fair question! So let me explain…

If the experience doesn't happen, then I am haunted by what might have been. I know many of you will experience this. There probably isn't a human-being alive that has not experienced this at least once in their life.

When our moods are down we're more likely to experience this hesitation more often. Ups and downs are a massive part of life and by gaining perspective that this is true, we can call on all of who we are, by being present in the moment and still live each experience with a sense of brand new wonder and discovery.

Get out of the mood and into the moment. Let the mood be, just don't be controlled by it. Just be with it.

Acknowledge the negative moods, experience them and let them go. We cannot allow ourselves to be totally consumed by the negatives.

Now that you know this, the opportunity to live the fullest experience in the moment is available. Seize the opportunity, the possibility, the beautiful person standing in front of you and find out more of who are you. The fullness, the wholeness, the entirety of your true being, your authentic self.

It's that blend of being and doing. I'm being me, in the moment, with my mood for company and living still for now, this moment and this encounter. My feelings, are just that and by accepting them I also open myself up to allow new emotional energy to move in.

Life is a wonder, our bodies are a magic, and the experiences are rich. Go for it!

We've all seen those people who appear to be so free, they are able to dance in the supermarket aisle, to close their eyes on a sunny street in the middle of the day, arms outspread embracing the sun, those who go and dance in the rain.

What self-conscious trap holds you back from being, all that you are? I admire those people that do, don't you?

To be free is to be free with yourself.

Are you ready to set yourself free?

It is your choice.

Love, Light and Magic :)

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