What did you think to the rules and advice given for your body shape and style personality?

The advice and rules are real time and money savers. They allow you to go in to a shop with confidence and choose things that really suit you.


What did you think to the holistic aspect to style coaching? The holistic part is very important as it helps your mindset and makes you see yourself differently.

How was your experience with the wardrobe edit? Did you find it useful and enjoyable? Wardrobe edit was great....again easier to do when you have some guidance.

How did you find the personal shopping experience? Loved, loved , loved. Really good experience to come home from a shopping trip with nice things that really suited me and didn't break the bank.

Do you think more about what you buy when you go shopping now? Definitely

Do you feel more confident in what you buy and enjoy it now? Absolutely. Has changed something I hated in to a pleasure.

Do you have more confidence in yourself and about how you look? I do. I dress for my enjoyment now not to please others. A real eye opener.

 Can you summaries your experience in your own words? I totally enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to any one. Makes you look at things in a different way.

Would you recommend the Style Coaching experience? Absolutely

Overall experience out of 10? 10 x

 It was a few weeks back now so it’s not as neat as it was, but I had a good clear out and it’s looking a lot better. 😊 There were a few things I couldn’t completely part with I’m still staying optimistic that I’m going to lose my baby weight and hopefully fit into some of these things again 😂. It was really helpful I found it was good advice like where you had said if you haven’t worn it for a while do you really need to keep it. Gave me the kick up the arse I needed!! I got it into an organised order too my trousers one end, dresses the other and like summer tops, t-shirts jackets and hoodies through to knit wear so I know where everything is. I even have some space to possibly add to my collection thank you for sending it to me. Gave me something to do. Here a picture so you can see how tidy it still is xx

kay wardrobe.jpg

I completed the 7 day challenge set by Claire and I am very happy with the results.
I firstly managed to sort my wardrobe and 'got rid and set some aside for the charity shops; way more than I though I would. 
The 'Have you worn it in the last 6 months' really helped.

I chose something 'new' or 'wasn't sure what to wear it with' everyday for 7 days! By day 3 I was picking 2 things to wear that I hadn't already!
It was so much fun and I felt it really boosted my confidence as I was wearing what I wanted and felt good in my choices.
I also found a lot of clothing styles I didn't realise I had or could pull off.  But Claire gave me the confidence to be able to do this.
Thank you so much - Your amazing!