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'Enhance your Body Shape and Love your Mind'
Group Workshop


 This interactive group workshop will take you through the steps to discover the real, authentic you! 

From Goal setting and action taking, Discovering your Style Personality and defining your Body Shape. 

Learn tips and tricks on what to avoid,  how to create balance in your outfits, enhance your best features and make you feel amazing! 

Learn through a demonstration, how to use a basic skin care routine and  easy daily makeup. 

You will also learn tools and take part in exercises, visualizations and games that help build up your self-confidence, self-esteem and learn to love yourself from the inside out!

 Introductory Package Price :

£149pp (6 - 8 Clients required)

'Bespoke & Holistic Online Style Coaching'

With this package i can StyIe Coach™ you from anywhere in the world!


I will help you discover what clothing you like and don’t like and what styles suit your personality.

I will help you identify your body shape and how to create balance and enhance your best features.

I will help you find your wow colours and a suitable colour palette inspiration for when you go shopping.

I will help you practice confidence, say affirmations and show your gratitude so that it becomes a habit in your daily lives.

I can assist you in analysing your wardrobe, weeding out any unneeded items, reorganising and creating a personalised shopping plan tailored to your needs.

I can even be your personal shopper and assist in finding items on your shopping plan.


Have confidence in yourself, trust your intuition and be authentically you. And I cannot stress this enough!

Package Price £349.00



'The Reality Check'
One to One

Have you lost your enthusiasm for dressing in the morning?
Is your wardrobe stuffed to the point of no return?
Do you find you buy the same styles and colours?
Time for a reality check!
This package includes the initial consultation  and basic body shape analysis. Then we will work together on analyzing and de-cluttering your wardrobe, weeding out any unflattering and outdated items. You will gain an understanding of your shopping habits and a strict shopping plan will be created for your future shopping trips!
A personal shopping session can be done as an add on.

Package Price £250

'Self-Made Warrior'
Self-Love & Confidence Coaching

My confidence coaching and self love programme contains everything you need to know to align your life and be Authentically you.
The main aim is focusing on positive self image and in depth confidence coaching. You will learn about the basics of law of attraction, how our clothes affect our confidence, discovering your inner self, negative and positive belief cycles, body language and non verbal communication, voice coaching tips and a 7 day confidence plan. There will be exercises, games and forms to take part in.

This can be done as one to one coaching or as part of a group presentation.

Introductory Package Price £149 (One to One) 

Introductory Package Price £99  (Interactive group presentation 8-10 clients required)


'Full, Bespoke & Holistic VIP Style Coaching'

Are you desperate to transform your life, confidence and style?

Do you often feel like you are wearing a costume? Do you buy the latest items that are 'In' only to be very disappointed when you look in the mirror? Is society's version of reality holding you back from having the confidence to be who you truly are?  If you said yes to all the above, then the Full Holistic Style Coaching Experience may be for you!


Discover your inner self, align every layer of your personality, let your authentically confident light, shine right through to your outer layer. and you will naturally discover your own, completely unique, authentic style.

Every great journey, starts with a goal! In your initial consultation we will define your goals and get a good understanding of where you want to be. 

You will discover your style personality and your body shape and learn tips and tricks to enhance your unique figure, aswell as what items to avoid. 

You will have a colour analysis, find your WOW colours and learn about the psychology of colours and how to inject it into your wardrobe.


There is a dedicated session about learning to love yourself, confidence and life coaching, including body language and non verbal communication. You will learn how to challenge any self-limiting beliefs that you probably didnt realise you had. Plus a body image visulisation and the 7 day Confidence plan. We will dive deep in and align your true, inner self with your outer layer that you show to the world.


Once you've figured out what you like and what suits you, we move onto the wardrobe edit and declutter, weed out any unwanted items. You will then be reorganizing and taking inventory of what you have and what is needed to complete outfits and your wardrobe basics.  

When a shopping plan has been created, you can hit the shops knowing exactly what you need! This will make any future shopping trips easy and enjoyable! Just like they should be! 

You will learn how to take care of yourself from top to toe with our indepth grooming session. From a basic skincare routine, to daily makeup. Basic haircare and styling. Look at hairstyles to enhance your face, teeth whitening tips and how to do a manicure and pedicure.

Then we finish the programme with the 'Big Reveal'  to go full circle, revisit and summarise everything we have spoken about and out your newly learned skills to the test with a glass of prosecco and a photoshoot! 

•Including from the initial consultation.

•See what goals have been achieved

•Hair, makeup, outfit,

•Photos and Celebrate the journey.


Approx. Spread over 9 sessions

Package Price £749




I am a creative stylist and Style Coach™️.

Clothing is my absolute passion and I find it easy to speak through my outfits.​


I guide and empower members of the LGBT community, to transform their lives by discovering and becoming the most authentic versions of themselves, through holistic style and confidence coaching. ​


I am so excited that you are here and ready to start your journey to becoming the most authentic version of yourself. You may be wondering what the difference is, between seeing a personal stylist/Shopper/Image consultant and a style coach. Let me explain… A stylist, personal shopper, image consultant and colour analysist will help you style your outer image and help you look great on the outside. A style coach also helps with the outer image, the clothing you wear, the colours and patterns that suit your skin tone and body shape. A style coach also helps with the inner image, the way you perceive yourself and your confidence levels and how you live your life. Anyone can have an external makeover, however, very often people revert back to their old ways, because nothing has changed on the inside. Their views on themselves have remained the same. A style coach will help you define where you are currently at and get a clear idea of where you want to get too. They will help you set goals to reach your end target, for example, help with makeup referrals, dentist appointments or anything else you need to organise your life and learn to be your true authentic self.

A style coach will teach you how to love every part of yourself, from the inside out and this can have a massive impact on the rest of your life. I am very aware of the impact fast fashion is having on our planet, so for this reason, where possible, this will be tied in with helping to save the planet from becoming a dried up ocean of clothing.


I have always had a passion for clothing and as a young girl, I was often found cutting holes in the crotches of my flared jeans, to make denim crop tops. This obsession led me on to do a city and guilds course, where I learnt to make paper patterns and clothing correctly and then qualified as a Pattern-Maker.

I launched an online vintage clothing business in 2014, where I hand pick each piece to my taste and specifications. That then progressed into customising clothing and styling outfits together. Although I was a self - taught stylist, I decided to look into a coach that could help me advance my styling skills.


I am passionate about clothing. I like to think outside the box, when it comes to styling and have a lot of fun with it. I am equally passionate about the impact fast fashion is having on our planet. Where ever possible, I like to include these ethics into my Style Coaching. I have a good eye for all things quirky and different, including clashing prints, bold colours and monochrome. Love, peace and light, Claire  xx



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