'Getting to know you'

This package includes the initial consultation, Style Personality Analysis and Body Shape Analysis.
We will asses your needs with questionnaires and exercises and create some goals for you to focus on.
You will discover which of the 5 Style Personalities you fit well and take a look at celebrities with the same style personality as you and create your own personalized vision board.
You will also discover your body shape, celebrities with the same body shape and how they enhance their best features. Look at the ways we can enhance your best features and make you feel amazing!

Package also includes a 5 day selfie styling challenge.

 Package Price £149

'Bespoke & Holistic Online Style Coaching'

With this package i can StyIe Coach™ you from anywhere in the world!


I will help you discover what clothing you like and don’t like and what styles suit your personality.

I will help you identify your body shape and how to create balance and enhance your best features.

I will help you find your wow colours and a suitable colour palette inspiration for when you go shopping.

I will help you practice confidence, say affirmations and show your gratitude so that it becomes a habit in your daily lives.

I can assist you in analysing your wardrobe, weeding out any unneeded items, reorganising and creating a personalised shopping plan tailored to your needs.

I can even be your personal shopper and assist in finding items on your shopping plan.


Have confidence in yourself, trust your intuition and be authentically you. And I cannot stress this enough!

Package Price £349.00

(Personal Shopping additional cost + optional)

'The Reality Check'

Have you lost your enthusiasm for dressing in the morning?
Is your wardrobe stuffed to the point of no return?
Do you find you buy the same styles and colours?
Time for a reality check!
This package includes the initial consultation  and basic body shape analysis. Then we will work together on analyzing and de-cluttering your wardrobe, weeding out any unflattering and outdated items. You will gain an understanding of your shopping habits and a strict shopping plan will be created for your future shopping trips!
A personal shopping session can be done as an add on.

Package Price £250 + (Optional Personal Shopping Experience £149)

Are you desperate to transform your life, confidence and style?

Do you often feel like you are wearing a costume? Do you buy the latest items  that are 'In' only to be very disappointed when you look in the mirror? Is society's version of reality holding you back from having the confidence to be who you truly are?  If you said yes to all the above, then the Full Holistic Style Coaching Experience may be for you!


Discover your inner self, align every layer of your personality, let your authentically confident light, shine right through to your outer layer. and you will naturally discover your own, completely unique, authentic style.


Approx. 18 hours spread over 9 sessions

Package Price £749

'Align your Life'
Self-Love & Confidence Coaching

My confidence coaching and self love programme contains everything you need to know to align your life and be Authentically you.
The main aim is focusing on positive self image and in depth confidence coaching. You will learn about the basics of law of attraction, how our clothes affect our confidence, discovering your inner self, negative and positive belief cycles, body language and non verbal communication, voice coaching tips and a 7 day confidence plan. There will be exercises, games and forms to take part in.

This can be done as one to one coaching or as part of a group presentation.

Package Price £199 (One to One) 

Package Price £59  (Interactive presentation)

ALTERNATIVELY, book your  initial consultation and i can create a 'Pick n Mix' package tailored to your needs.

Options could include: 

Initial Consultation

Style Personality analysis

Body Shape Analysis

Confidence Coaching

Colour Analysis

Wardrobe Analysis

Top to Toe Grooming

Personal Shopping

I also offer mini style challenge packages for £30

I am based in Worcestershire. UK



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