I am a creative stylist and Style Coach™. Clothing is my absolute passion and I find it easy to speak through my outfits.
I guide and empower members of the LGBT community, to transform their lives by discovering and becoming the most authentic versions of themselves, through holistic style and confidence coaching.

As a proud member of the LGBT community myself, I understand the struggles of judgement from others, finding your identity and also the struggles with being confident in who you are.
As a Style Coach™, I have been trained to advice people on how to enhance their unique figure so they can dress with confidence and style. I am well-versed in the essentials of the psychology of colours, style personality, wardrobe editing and personal shopping and am pleased to offer my services to the LGBT community.
In addition to my personal styling skills, I have also received training in communication and rapport skills, body language and non-verbal communication as well as a vast range of life coaching and NLP skills. This holistic combination of skills enables me to empower my clients, not only with style-confidence, but also with positive self-esteem that supports a healthy self-image. I believe that there is a critical connection between how we present ourselves on the outside and how we feel about ourselves on the inside.
Anyone can have an external makeover, however, very often people revert back to their old ways, because nothing has changed on the inside. Their views on themselves have remained the same.
Style Coaching™ differs from 'Image Consultancy' in many ways, but one thing to understand about our coaching relationship is that I'm not here to lecture you about what you should do with your life, and I won't always have answers and solutions to your challenges. My role is to help you access your own inner wisdom because I believe that you alone are the expert on you!

I have always had a passion for clothing and as a young girl, I was often found cutting holes in the crotches of my flared jeans, to make denim crop tops. This obsession led me on to do a city and guilds course, where I learnt to make paper patterns and clothing and qualified as a Pattern-Maker.
I am passionate about clothing. I like to think outside the box, when it comes to styling and have a lot of fun with it. I am equally passionate about the impact fast fashion is having on our planet. Where ever possible, I like to include these ethics into my Style Coaching.
I have a good eye for all things quirky and different, including clashing prints, bold colours and monochrome.



Thankyou for taking the first step to a more confident, stylish you!