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Welcome to Wardrobe Warriors. develop your personal style & embrace your inner weirdo.

From Discovering your style to Wardrobe makeovers, Self-acceptance & Body positivity, to Upcycling & Second hand shopping -  Whichever you need, I can help you achieve a unique style, whilst helping you own who you are!

All style coaching™️ services are online based - Using Zoom.

How can I
help you?

Preloved Personal Shopping

The preloved shopping service is focused on creating your personalised shopping board with direct shoppable links to preloved clothing online. It also briefly covers; your style personality, balancing your body shape & a hint of colour analysis.


BONUS: A copy of my 'Charity shopping to success' guide & learning to love yourself exercise.

A Style Adventure You Won't Forget

This is a 6-month style coaching™ service that focuses on helping you embrace your inner weirdo, flaws & all, through style.

You'll define your style, shape & colours & test yourself with weekly style challenges. You'll have fun with shopping & create a wardrobe full of items that you love. And in true Style coaching™ fashion - You'll gain a more positive body image & and learn how to love yourself.

(Your consultation is free & lasts 45 - 1hr).

Creative Upcycling

I am also a qualified pattern-maker & I love creating designs from unwanted clothing - so if you have clothing that you love, but don't wear - eg too big, too long, no shape - I can create something unique to you, from them :)


This service is a pick 'n' mix that covers a variety of topics & matches your needs in more depth - From discovering your style & revamping your wardrobe to boosting your confidence, accepting yourself & gaining a positive body image.

BONUS: You will get a copy of my 'Charity shopping to success' guide & a choice of 3 workbooks 

Vintage & Preloved Clothing Boutique

I am obsessed with second hand style & have a very large collection - You can now browse 'Wardrobe Warriors' very own vintage & preloved clothing rails at the Studio or on my Vinted!

Reiki Healing

Reiki has changed my life.
I'm more grounded. I'm more secure, I get frustrated less, I get angry less. 
I'm healing from my Trauma. And Reiki has helped me to do that. 

It's helped me hurt less. Its helped me set healthy boundaries and become content with whatever I do.
And it can help you too.


Reiki helps your body return to a state of relaxation, which allows it to heal from damage brought on by stress, injury, or disease.

It’s used as a way to manage symptoms and improve general well-being.

 Reiki treatments have endless advantages & you can test it out for only 

For anyone that knows me. You would have been lucky to find a picture of me on my own social media pages until I started my own business. You’d have been even luckier to see a picture of me on any of my friends or family social media. They know me well enough not to post my picture. I’ve had a best friend for over 25 years and some of her friends are still surprised when they meet me because I don’t feature on her social media AT ALL.

Stepping into the field I have, I recognised that social media was going to be my nemesis – that self-loathing, that fear of judgement, that seeing and hearing myself online had a strong possibility of pushing me back into a dark place BUT… my passion for coaching was huge and I knew I had to find a way to overcome this
The awesome Claire. Who not only helped me re-discover the real me but also – more importantly - step into the me I want to be
I feel delight and pride when I look at photos now because I can see my eyes are shining and my smile is genuine. The heartfelt, caring, generous and thoughtful me is beaming out of my pictures

Time with Claire?
Absolutely priceless and I’d recommend her to anyone xx
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