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7 Day Summer Style Challenge

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Welcome to your first 7 day Style Challenge! I am so happy you are here! As this is our first challenge on this new platform, I've kept it simple, but fun! This challenge is a general styling one, designed to help you explore new ways to style. So if there's anything you've wanted to try, but 'lack the confidence' to do so, NOW is your chance! Give yourself permission :) August is the final month of summer, offering one last chance to wear those light summer clothes before we start transitioning into Autumn. Here's how it works; Every day for 7 days, you will receive a style prompt with 4 steps & a quiz. If you don't have anything that fits the prompt, ty & piece a new combo together with what you do have! 1) Learn - Learn about what the prompt is & tips on how you can style it. 2) Style - Time to put your outfit together 3) Upload - Snap a selfie of your outfit & upload! (Don't forget to share them in the online community!) 4) Reflect - Coaching questions to help you reflect on the outfit you've created. 5) Quiz - test yourself on what you've learnt through this prompt. If you want to prepare here is a snippet of what's to come: You will be creating outfits based on the following: Day 1 - Monochromatic Day 2 - Flowing fabrics Day 3 - Bold Prints Day 4 - Beach Day/Summer Day Day 5 - Boho Vibes Day 6 - All in White Day 7 - Bright Colours So, get ready to step out of your comfort zone, get selfie ready & be a part of my online styling community. Let's go...

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